Всем термометрам назло!

Boris Indrikov was born in Lenningrad and currently lives in Moscow.
He worked for some years as an illustrator and book designer, and now creates gallery art in oil, sculpture and graphics. Aside from that, there is little additional information on his website bio (English passage below the Russian).

The gallery page showcases his oil paintings, fascinatingly detailed and, as revealed in the close-up crops provided for some of the newer images (above, second down), wonderfully textured.

I see possible influences in his work from Aisian art, Renaissance painting, Art Nouveau, contemporary science fiction and fantasy illustrators like Jean “Moebius” Giraud and perhaps a touch of Max Ernst, all of it woven into Indrikov’s own unique style.

In addition to the gallery links on the navigation bar, don’t miss the link from the home page to the Violina Pattern gallery (above, bottom).

[Via BoingBoing]